Wednesday, July 2, 2008

San Francisco, Quezon (My Home)

My Home, San Francisco Quezon is the next to the last town in Quezon province. From Lucena City which is the Capital of Quezon Province you need to ride a bus for five to six hours in dusty and rough road during summer and a muddy during rainy season.

Four and half year ago I left SFQ and try life in Metropolitan. I was so happy at that time. But a week later I want to go back in SFQ. I can't stand it anymore. I was culture shocked, in my own country.

I realized the big differece, I am not from wealthy family but RESPECT and LOVE is always present. I notice that when a kids in Metropolis try to disipline by their parents, they told them that they are going to call 911. Gees! We never do that to our parents, if my father hissed me it only means that i did something wrong. And if you continue it, don't be surprise if you look back and see that he had a slippers in his hand and ready to hit you.

In province the kids was happy if they have a brickgame, becuase they usual games are Sipa, Agawan base, and Taguan. In Metropolis even a small kid can operate computers. In province even peolple lived in the fartest baraggay they still know each other. In metropolis you don't even know who is your neighbourhood.

Well all in all, I can say San Francisco is a Paradise behind the forest.


  1. tunay nga kabayan taga riyan din ngani ako

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  4. hi sa lahat ng taga san fransisco mahal ko kau gaya ng pag mamahal ko kay edgar baer